The Multi Sensory Environment  - MSE
" It is within our human nature to seek out shelter and protection in the form of safe spaces – and for those who need additional help, the MSE forms an important part of their shelter and protection. "

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I had a visit from two of the Local Authority staff today so I showed them the sensory room and they were very impressed, it was the first time I had seen the finished room and I am very pleased with it, thank you.
It was good to work with you and to actually find someone who does what they say they will do and to such a high standard.
Brian Lee Head Teacher
Ham Drive Nursery School Plymouth
So Soft Play
Though the modern sensory environment is a very different one to what it used to be, soft play areas still form an integral part of any sensory space. It helps to provide not only a safe zone for free play but also a multi faceted,  stimulating and tactile sensory space.
Technology is our sensory friend.  There are so many options now available to allow a room to become interactive for individual or multiple users.  Test the limits of your own imagination and enjoy the mesmeric beauty of the latest technological wonders. 
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